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On Sep. 3, 2015, Dongsheng carpets were exclusively designated for 70th anniversary of Victory of Anti-Japanese War.

On Aug. 6, 2015, a delegation from Beijing Tiananmen Regional Administration Commission visited us. 

In Sep. 2014, it was awarded Exemplary Enterprise for Corporate Culture Building by Organization Commission of China Corporate Culture Building Summit. 

On Aug. 28, 2014, it was given the title of “Shandong Engineering Lab”. 

In Apr. 2013, it was evaluated as 2012 Provincial Advanced Enterprises for Production Safety of Textiles Industry by Shandong Textiles Industry Association.  

In Apr. 2013, it was evaluated as 2012 Provincial Advanced Enterprises for Production Safety of Textiles Industry by Shandong Textiles Industry Association.  

In Dec. 2012, it was awarded Brand with Highest Potential of Shandong Light Industry Association. 

From Feb. 11 to 17, 2011, Wang Tinglong, chairman of the Group participated in 4th sessions of 14th people’s congress of Shandong province.  

In May, 2010, the top grade shaggy carpets made by Dongsheng Group were evaluated as Innovative Products of 2010 Shandong Expo of Production, Learning and Research (Industrial Design). 

In Apr. 2010, it became the vice-president member of 5th Council of China Home Textiles Industry Association. 

In Dec. 2009, it won the title of Shandong Trustworthy Enterprises as one of the first group of enterprises. 

In Nov. 2009, Wang Tinglong, chairman and general manager of the Group was awarded the title of Best Figures Making the People Rich and Making the City Developing. 

In Oct. 2009, the Group was awarded the title of Enterprises of Significant Performances by Shandong Light Industry Association in the 60th anniversary of China Founding and Wang Tinglong, Chairman of the Group, was awarded the title of Entrepreneur of Great Contributions. 

In May, 2009, it was awarded Shandong Innovation Award for Production, Learning and Research. 

In Apr. 2009, during the 60th anniversary of Founding of New China, we paved 20 thousand plus square meters of carpets in many important sites such as Bayi Square, People’s Great Hall, Tian’anmen Gatetower and Tian’anmen Square etc. 

In Jan. 2009, Dongsheng Industrial Park was opened. 

In Dec. 2008, Wang Tinglong, chairman and general manager of the Group was awarded the title of “Top 30 Figures Promoting Economic and Social Development of Rizhao City”.

On Dec. 27, 2008, Wang Tinglong, chairman and general manager of the Group was evaluated as Top 10 Excellent Entrepreneurs of Shandong Textiles and Fashions. 

In Dec. 2008, it was given title of Advanced Team for Earthquake Combat and Rescue by Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce. 

In Dec. 2008, the group won the title of Top 10 Brands of Shandong Textiles and Fashions. 

On Apr. 1, 2007, signing ceremony for stage-2 project of Dongsheng Berry flooring materials was held in Rizhao where Wang Tinglong, chairman and general manager of the Group and CEO of Belgium Beaulieu signed the cooperation agreement. 

On Nov. 23, 2006, the Group introduced Wilton carpet loom that has the highest weaving density and the fastest speed in the world. 

On May 30, 2006, agreement was signed for “multi-component eco-fiber carpets” jointly developed by Dongsheng Group and Shandong Academy of Textile Science. 

On May 28, 2006, a team of experts headed by Chairman Wang Tinglong started their trip to Oman for assisting construction of Oman Carpets Plant. 

On May 10, 2006, Stage-1 plan for Dongsheng Industrial Park was finalized. This project will cost a total amount of 1.2 billion Yuan and will lay solid foundation for further scale development, professional development and international development after completion. 

In Jun. 2005, environment-friendly negative ion health carpets were recognized by carpets experts. 

In May 2005, it obtained the pass for International CRI environment-friendly carpets 

In Jan. 2005, the sole UCL carpet loom in Asia was introduced. 

In Sep. 2004, Dongsheng Berry Flooring Materials Co., Ltd. was set up by Dongsheng Group and Belgium Berry Group. 

In Jun. 2004j, Dongsheng Carpets Group Co., Ltd. was set up. 

In Sep. 2003, Sales company was set up in Russia. 

In Oct. 2003, Qingdao Dongshegn International Imports and Exports Co., Ltd. was set up. 

On Mar. 18, 2003, Dongsheng carpets made by us were certified by China Arts and Crafts Association as China Environment-Friendly Carpets. 

On Jan. 27, 2003, it founded Rizhao Donglong Carpets Co., Ltd. with Japan Honghao Research Institute. 

In Jan. 2003, it was evaluated by State General Administration of Industry and Commerce as National Contract-Honoring and Promise-Keeping Enterprises. 

On Dec. 29, 2002, it was certified by ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

On Dec. 16, 2002, it was authorized to use the New Zealand Wool Marks. 

On Oct. 12, 2002, sales agency was established in New York, USA. 

On Jun. 15, 2002, Professor Ding Zhaozhong, world famous high energy physicist and Nobel Prize Winner, visited us, accompanied by municipal party secretary Xiageng. 

In Jan. 2002, we became member of Carpet Commission of China Arts and Crafts Association. 

In Mar. 2001, the dyeing workshop was put into operation. 

In Sep. 2000, it was certified by ISO9001 International Quality System. 

In Dec. 1995, it, as one of the first pilot enterprises for restructuring, was restructured into Rizhao Hongri Textile Co., Ltd. based on original Rizhao Bast Fiber Manufacturing Plant to mainly produce carpet materials such as carpet hemp yarns, and carpet backings. 

In 1977, it was rebuilt into bast fiber manufacturing plant based on original Rizhao Brick and Tiles Plant with approval of Shandong Textiles Industrial Bureau to mainly produce gunny sacks. 

The former of Dongsheng Carpet Group is Rizhao Bast Fiber Manufacturing Plant. 
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